Meeting Location at Camp Carter

For those who aren't familiar with Camp Carter, we meet in the main entrance area on the northwest side of the camp.

When coming to Camp Carter, depending on how you go, you may see signs for the entrance to the Equestrian Center. The Equestrian Center is a separate area of Camp Carter and DOES NOT connect to the main area. Follow the signs for Burger Lake, cross the Trinity River, then follow the road (mind the curve and look out for deer) and it will dead end at the entrance for Camp Carter.

Our meetings are held in one of two buildings at the camp. The main meeting hall (marked 1 on the right in the image below) is down the road to the left when you first enter the gate. In the event that the meeting hall is unavailable, we then meet at the second building (marked 2 on the bottom left). To get to the second building, go straight once past the entrance gate and it will be the second building on the right.

We meet at building one for the majority of our meetings. If the parking area for building two is full when you arrive, that's probably us.