We are a group of hobbyists who not only enjoy searching electronically for lost or buried objects in the earth, but also enjoy the outdoors.

Our members are outgoing individuals who, in Texas tradition, enjoy bragging about and showing off their finds as well as encouraging, instructing, and assisting newcomers to this rewarding and addictive hobby.

Our club meets once a month for fellowship and show interesting objects found since our last meeting. Our most interesting finds are displayed on what we call our "find of the month board". One item may be displayed on each of ten categories. During intermission, club members vote for the one item in each category that we find to be most interesting. Votes are then counted and silver coins awarded to the first three places in each category.

The monthly meetings always include fund raising raffles. Prizes include old coins, old tokens, silver rounds, and other prizes. For members, there are always free drawings for door prizes. Sometimes we have speakers who talk on topics related to our hobby.

Once a year, our club sponsors one major hunt. It may be a two day hunt for which we send out fliers and invite all or it may be a one day hunt for members and invited guests only. For either hunt, an entry fee is charged and our members bury such items as silver coins, gold, jewelry, and tokens for prizes (including metal detectors) for everyone to find. It is a fun time for all.

Like all well organized clubs, our club has a governing body made up of a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary, all elected once a year. Program director and hunt chairman are appointed by the officers.

Cowtown Treasure Hunters Club is a member of the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs. The TAMDC sponsors different events through out the year including a gathering of all the member clubs at the Treasure Expo and treasure hunt in a selected Texas city.

We hope this information has given you some insight to our club. If you're an area visitor, we invite you to join us. If you're a new member.....WELCOME!