Robert Groom


Cowtown Treasure Hunters lost longtime club member and deal friend

Robert Groom April 2014.

Robert Groom passed away of a sudden heart attack on Tuesday, April 8th 2014. Robert was a member of the club for over 20 years. Robert always had a good word or two to say to everyone and had a great smile. We’ll miss him. Please keep Linda and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Club member Dennis Wynne penned the follow poem in tribute to his good friend Robert:

Final Tone

Through All of My Years

Through Hard Sweat and Tears

I Have Traveled This World in Quest

For Bright Silver or Gold

Sometimes New, Sometimes Old

Always Seeking My Gold Filled Chest

But the Treasure I Found

Came Not From the Ground

But a True Friend, the Very Best

Though Hills and Valleys

In Backyards and Alleys

We Searched to Find What was Next

Through all kinds of weather

We Searched Life Together

Till Exhausted, We Laid Head to Rest

Now, My Very Close Friend

Came to Life’s Hastened End

And I am Grateful Having Been so Blessed

Hearing One Final Tone

He Was Finally Called Home

To Heaven, and Eternal Rest

So Farewell Friend of Old

Hope You Found Streets of Gold

And Eternally, Search on, Refreshed

My Time not yet Gone

I too, Await Final Tone

When Again, We Will Travel, in Quest